Chapter 1 of It Takes 5 Years to Become a Teacher

Times have changed so much over the years. When I started teaching in 1965, there was no help at all.

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Recently, I was privileged to record a podcast with Shain and Sean for @filmclasspod.

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5 years launch blog speakers onscreen

The Launch of It Takes 5 Years…

What a happy day Saturday 24th October 2020 was! That was the day we held a virtual launch of #ItTakes5Years…

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It Takes 5 Years…

“Do you remember telling me it takes five years to become a fully effective teacher?” she asked.

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Scottish Exam Results

If the reason many students’ grades were lowered was truly their post code, it is not surprising that the powers that be are humiliated. The First Minister admitted that ‘serious errors were made’.

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Myrtle Marple book cover

Myrtle Marple

I love this book! I had great fun writing both the first two books of this series – yes, the second has been finished as long as this first one – it just hasn’t gone through publishing yet.

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Ros Wilson signing her new books

A Nerve Wracking Week

I thought I would be so excited when my first 2 books for entertainment arrived from the publisher. Of course, I had already had several educational books published but that was not the same.

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Today is May 20th – the national ‘Thank a Teacher Day’. Now I am a 24 hour news addict and have already listened to and part watched 3 hours of the BBC 24 hour news, but I haven’t heard anyone thank a teacher for anything. So here is my thank you to educators.

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Welcome to my website. Whether you are wanting to read a blog, get some ideas for resources, book an input for a conference or other professional development, catch up on my books or just see what I am up to – this is the place to be.

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It’s Just a Journey

My life has been one heck of a journey, taking me halfway round the world and back and punctuated by many funny, scary and traumatic experiences on the way. My talks have long reflected this and now – to my pride – my new book, ‘It’s Just a Journey with Ros’ tells the tale.

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