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Everyone struggles in their early years. Graduating or completing an initial placement does not make a teacher. The first years are hard, but we all stuck with it and we have no regrets. There are contributions from teachers at all stages in the profession, from an NQT at the end of her first year to a colleague completing her fifth year; from headteachers to nationally known figureheads in education; from primary to secondary to SEND to overseas teachers. None of us expected the stories and experiences to be so similar, whether in the 1960s, the 1980s, the 2000s or the 2020s.

This book will show you why it takes five years to truly feel comfortable as a confident teacher. It will provide reassurance, advice and support for educators in their early careers and beyond.

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“Packed with warmth, humour and shrewd advice, this is a must for anyone embarking upon their career as a teacher. Teaching is an intellectually and physically demanding profession, but is also hugely rewarding. Becoming a good teacher is a skill that builds over time as we learn through experience, supported by the shared wisdom of colleagues.

The stories generously told here illustrate the importance of collegiality and the power of a good teacher to make all the difference to those around them.”

Dame Alison Peacock
Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching

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