Suave Word of the Week

Suave Word of the Week Abrupt

This week’s word is abrupt.


Suave Word of the Week Collection

Suave Word of the Week Giddy

We hope you enjoy using these dialects with your children. We are very grateful to everyone on Twitter who engaged with this fun activity and provided so many versions of each word. The words included in these resources are only a selection.

You might find that a word from your area isn’t exactly as you would say it. Dialects vary hugely so we don’t expect these selections are totally accurate for everyone. The locations listed aren’t exhaustive. A word listed from a location maybe used in many other places too.

Dialect Words

Dialect Words - Friend

This week’s dialect word is friend.


Dialect Words Collection

Dialect Words Hello

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Chapter 1 of It Takes 5 Years to Become a Teacher

Read the first chapter, covering Ros’s first experiences of being a teacher in the 1960s, of It Takes 5 Years to Become a Teacher.


Home Learning Tips

Ros gives some tips to help parents keep their children engaged and entertained at home.


Home Learning Activities

We hope these ideas for some fun and educational things that you can do with your kids are useful and engaging.


Treasure Hunts

A selection of fun clues leading to a special treat. This download contains 11 treasure hunts.



Lots of fun and educational activities to keep children learning. This download contains 12 activity sheets.



A fun and flexible approach to improving children’s vocabulary, speech, and writing.

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