It Takes 5 Years...

Watch this great session around Ros's new book – It Takes 5 Years to Become a Teacher. We have some wonderful guests for lots of fun, laughter, tips and advice for teachers in their early career and beyond.

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Funny Stories

Hear a few nuggets from some of Ros's many hilarious stories from her experience over the years.

Talking at Home

Ros talks about how parents and carers can help children develop their language through talk.

Fake it 'til You Make It

Top tips from Ros about how to fake it until you make it as a new teacher.

Edu Teacher Tips

STEAMCo Hey Fest

Ros talks about the joy of reading and her new children's book - Bonkers Boris Meets the Mayor.

Get in touch to ask Ros a question about talking, writing, or anything educational.

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