How to Teach the 5 Codes of Speech Online CPD Single License



This online CPD is a part of the Talk:Write programme. This version is a single license for an individual educator for the 5 Codes of Speech element of Talk:Write. Talk:Write was designed to be flexible and modular so any individual element can be used without requiring the whole package. The accompanying individual Talk:Write Book is available here. The full, whole-school Talk:Write package is available here.

In this session, each of the five codes of speech (accent, dialect, Standard English, suave speak and writer’s voice) are examined with clear advice and practical strategies to introduce them to children. Learn the importance of code switching so children can speak and write in Standard English alongside their own accents, dialects, and languages.

Fun oracy activities encourage children to improve their language skills. We take care to celebrate existing accents, dialects and languages. This is not about replacing language or making everyone speak in the same way. It is about giving children the vital tool of sophisticated speech and developing their own unique writer’s voice.

This session lasts 35 mins.

The whole-school Talk:Write package contains the following video content:

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Please note that this training is for individual use only. It is not permitted to share this training with anyone else.


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