Ros Loves to Talk

From writing to talk, curriculum to assessment, Ros will speak thoughtfully and humorously to make a lasting impact on all who listen. The thousands of teachers who have heard Ros speak over the years can attest to her influence.

With modern technology, it is easier than ever to receive high impact training online. Over a video call, Ros can offer one on one sessions, staff meetings, leadership team meetings, moderation discussions, and much more.

Ros no longer does extended training sessions but she can still have a huge impact in up to three hour sessions (including a refreshments break).

Inspirational Teaching

Ros’s views on the characteristics of very good, outstanding, and inspirational teaching are based on eight years as a Senior Leader and Head of Primary, seven years as a local authority advisor, three years as a Primary Strategy Manager, twelve years (concurrent) as an Ofsted Inspector, and five years as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) Assessor.

As an AST Assessor, it was essential to be confident in distinguishing between the characteristics of ‘very good’, ‘outstanding’, and ‘inspirational’ teachers. During this course, Ros will explore these characteristics with knowledge and humour.

The Importance of Talk

Ros is, herself, an articulate and passionate speaker who lists ‘talk’ as her main hobby! She has, however, studied the development of talk in young children and the impact of talk on educational achievement and life skills.

Ros has worked many years in multi-lingual settings – both in England and overseas – and managed the multi-lingual team for a local authority.

This course provides insight into the cruciality of planned talk in education, with wit and wisdom.

Your Curriculum Journey

Ros advises on the processes of building a curriculum while providing exemplar materials and authentic ideas with sincerity and humour.