It's Just a Journey with Ros

Apollo moonshots could be seen taking off from Florida when Ros Wilson’s career took off in the Bahamas. A child of the forties, she trained as a teacher in the sixties and has also taught in the Cayman Islands, the Middle East and even the UK. Having been hit by Hurricane Alan, honked out by a dead cat dragged in for the nature table and having helped haul sheep out of a crisis at Christmas, she found she’d salted enough wealth away in the bank of experience to take on consultancy work, too.

She now writes authoritatively on educational practice and policy.

Of popular and professional interest, her story can now be read for fun, hilarity or interest by all. No parent ill-informed about the professional background of school teachers, nor would-be schoolteachers ill-informed about what they could be in for, will regret relaxing and enjoying the fun and laughter of It’s Just a Journey with Ros by Ros Wilson.

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Myrtle Marple and the Vanishing Virtual

When Dan realises someone new will be moving in next door, she isn’t sure what to expect. She certainly isn’t expecting the adventure she and her twin brother, Dom, are about to be swept into.

Myrtle Marple might seem like an average old lady at first but there is much more to her than meets the eye. With the incredible technology she possesses, Dan and Dom might just be in for the most exciting summer yet.

But the twins aren’t the only people interested in Myrtle’s technology. Will Dan and Dom be able to help their newfound friend beat the bad guys and make it home safely before their parents even realise that they’re gone?

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Myrtle Marple Book Cover

Bonkers Boris Meets the Mayor

Boris Morris is completely bonkers. All his teachers know it. His classmates are so used to it that they ignore him. Even his parents are resigned to it. His only skill seems to be playing the class clown, whether pretending to be a garden gnome or acting like a cute little dog or an artist’s model.

When one day he learns that the school is to be honoured with a visit from the mayor, his whole attitude changes and he wants to be in the limelight. A previously unknown interest in football is awakened with hilarious results and even the local supermarket is not safe from the accident-prone, would-be mayor’s assistant. It is when, by chance, a hidden talent is discovered that the course of Boris’s life might be about to change…

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Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press give all schools easy access to this proven and effective methodology with the new edition of the popular Big Writing handbooks.Big Writing is a whole school approach to raising standards in writing. The Big Writing Complete Pack consists of the three essential handbooks: Talk the Big Talk, Big Writing: Raising Teaching Standards, and Writing Voice and Basic Skills: The class teacher's guide to Big Writing, full of practical tips and ideas to implement in the classroom.The Primary Writing Assessment books offer comprehensive assessment tools for writing and reading based on The Criterion Scale.

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